Tuesday, September 1, 2009

White Paper Background/Tile Board Studio Setup

Here's a studio portrait I shot of my daughter this weekend. I recently purchased some white tile board for my studio flooring as described by Zack Arias - this was my first attempt with it. Aside from the pretty reflections under my daughter, it also helps preserve my paper background and saves some photoshopping out of creases and folds due to our walking on it.

Here's my studio (basement) when I setup the white background:

If you click the image, you'll see that I have just about every bit of equipment labeled.

Strobist Info:
* Key: Alien Bees B800 studio strobe shot into Alien Bees large foldable softbox with grid, camera right.
* Fill: Nikon SB-28 speedlight shot into Westcott 43" Shoot-Through Umbrella, camera left, 1 to 1.5 stops below key, triggered by Pocket Wizard wireless flash trigger.
* Background lighting: Canon 430EX triggered by Pocket wizard, Nikon SB-26 triggered by built-in optical trigger, both at about 1.5 stops below key, pointed into white back. I used the velcro compartment separators from my camera bag as gobos on the two background flashes

Background: Savage 107" Super White Seamless Background Paper

Floor: Two sheets of white tile board, the front one overlapping the back one, which overlaps the paper.


ArenaCreative said...

Nice setup - the final result came out perfect. I'm playing around with just one B800 in my basement, but for high key stuff I'm definitely going to have to add another strobe or two to the mix.

Blake said...

Thanks ArenaCreative. if you're going with a white background, then you're going to either need more light, or *a lot* more time in Photoshop. Please post back how it worked out for ya.